About 3-4 times a year, we invite GUEST SPEAKERS to come to our group and share their knowledge and experience with us on different business topics. We do not have Spotlight Tables when our Guest Speaker comes to talk with us and we give them about 30 minutes to speak. If you know of any speakers that you think would be a great fit for our group, please email Cheryl Stimers at info@hearttoheartnetworking.com.

Upcoming Speaker Events

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Here are some of our past speakers who have spoken to our group.

Caryl Lane

Train Your Brain Habits to Unlock Your Highest Potential in Business and in Life!

Discover what neuroscience has revealed about harnessing the power of your brain to accelerate business growth, deepen relationship connections, and create more freedom for what you love!

Find out how your beliefs trigger emotions that act as the biggest saboteurs of your motivation and keep you from what you most desire!

Learn what is taught to Navy Seals, Olympic athletes, astronauts and NFL athletes that gives them cutting edge strategies for overcoming mental and emotional roadblocks to success.

Take home tips and tools that help you move through fear, and focus on the critical few action steps that produce your biggest results!

Caryl is a Speaker and Certified Coach. She has been coaching and counseling entrepreneurs and committed professionals for 25 years, helping individuals reach for and atain their full potential.

Learn more: www.caryllane.com

Tina Mitchell

Have you ever left the office after a long day wondering what you’ve accomplished? Then to wake up the next morning feeling stressed,

overwhelmed, and behind before you even step out of your bed? Of course, you have. We have all been there.

Let Tina help you by sharing her One-Time Your Business™ philosophy. One-Time Your Business™ is a mindset and a commitment to making small radical changes and producing huge results. If you are not one-timing your business, you are doing the same tasks multiple times, duplicating your efforts and wasting time.

The audience will be moved to take action by Tina's own personal experiences of how she turned her stress into success. No matter where people are on their journey in business, through Tina's unique philosophy, they are able to take their business efficiency to the highest level, providing more profit while having more freedom!

From the stage, Tina will offer all attendees a complimentary seat to her
One-Time Your Business™ 8 Week Burn live virtual course.

Tina Mitchell has been recognized in her industry in the top 1% nationwide for over 25 years. She is an accomplished businesswoman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, coach, and radio personality.  She has developed her "One-Time Your Business" philosophy with leaders, organizations, and businesses worldwide.  This proven system helps remove stress and overwhelm through streamlining issues that come up again and again, creating more time to get everything an individual wants out of life!

Tracey Warren

Creating Content That Builds Community (and Your Business)

Social media can be so fun, entertaining, etc. And, as a business owner, it can also be incredibly frustrating. To feel like no matter what I share or say, no one is listening. Let's fix that! 

It's all about ENGAGEMENT - and creating community through engagement is one of my superpowers!!

Key Takeaways:How can content (and connection) build your community?

  • How to create curiosity online and off
  • How authenticity and vulnerability can attract your perfect clients
  • Identifying your Champions and Advocates
  • Creating a plan for nurturing your network

PLUS: I will share the simplest trick to increase the reach of your personal brand page.

AND: The easiest way to grow the Heart to Heart Community!


Tracey believes community is the key to success in life and business. 
As a community creator and connector, InSpark Coworking was exactly the right business for her to open! Every day, she gets to connect with and support women in business – hands on! And, it’s so much more than that!

She is a rabid supporter and loving truthteller. She’s excited to cheer you on when you are successful, and encourage you when you need a gentle nudge.

Most days, you will likely find her quoting some random movie line or breaking into song based on our conversation – or laughing out loud at something she found funny!

Ultimately, she believes we are better together, and coworking is just one part of that!

Elise Enriquez

Overcome the Overwhelm and Take Your Life Back

Overwhelm, frustration and a lack of fulfillment are signs that it's time for a shift. This is your one, bright, brilliant life. This is your journey. Are you going to just go along for the ride or are you going to grab the wheel and steer?

In this presentation you will:

  • Learn the possible entry points for transformation.
  • Identify your transformational starting point.
  • Pick up the tools for your personal and professional breakthrough

Elise will take what she's learned in her 10-year coaching practice and give you exactly what you need to take back your life.

Elise Enriquez is a Productivity Coach and Consultant who specializes in working with self-aware, entrepreneurial-minded people to overcome the overwhelm of life and business, to create more fulfilling lives and success that is sustainable. She takes her experience in the operational world of Corporate America, the sales world of Real Estate and the transformational world of Coaching to help you build personalized systems and strategies to move forward what matters most.

Learn more: www.EliseEnriquez.com

Marcelle Allen

Financial Joy: Know The Data Behind Your Dreams

  • Discover a creative way to visualize your cash flow
  • Learn about the financial scale and develop a plan for financial intelligence
  • Discover your sales type/speed as it relates to the Social Audience Matrix 
  • Experience the Cash Creator 

Your audience will be motivated to look at their finances with new eyes and appreciation. They'll be encouraged to leverage your creativity while planning your sales cycle.  Marcelle provides frameworks for doodling, easy to follow steps, and shares real examples from her 10 years in business. Your audience will be inspired, informed, and motivated to take their sales game to the next level.

Marcelle Allen supports others in understanding the patterns in their sales systems, marketing efforts, and financial results. She motivates authors, artists, and achievers to get curious and confident about their financial situation while leveraging social media to grow their business. She helps clients with marketing, advertising, and is the creative force behind Dreamosity. Her new book is called "Financial Joy: Know the Data Behind Your Dreams." 

Marcelle is also the co-owner of LAF Tech where she trains folks to be more memorable and humorous when developing content for their online campaigns. 

Learn more: www.dreamosity.com

Nikki Rausch

Buying Signals: Converting Casual Conversations Into Sales

  • Increase your likability and credibility quickly when meeting someone new
  • Learn to recognize the subtle cues people give when they’re interested in doing business
  • Know what to say when you get a buying signal to move clients into action

Your audience will take away simple, yet powerful techniques to implement immediately into their work and personal life. Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or are just starting out, everyone will benefit by applying what they learn. Nikki provides handouts for notes, easy to follow steps, and shares real examples from her 22+ years in business. Your audience will be engaged, entertained and leave excited to try out what they’ve learned.

Learn more: www.yoursalesmaven.com

Nicole Lux-Ritchie

Operation: Inbox Zero!

  • Inbox Zero is not a new concept, but what does it really mean?
  • Why is it so important? Is it even possible?
  • And how is it accomplished without worry or stress?

The goal with e-mail is to get through it. Respond to those who need to be responded to, do what needs to be done, save what needs to be saved and delete what needs to be let go. While keeping these goals in mind we need a clear plan that is easy to follow.

During this presentation you will learn concrete skills that can be implemented immediately!

  • Organize your e-mail system so that nothing is missed or falls through the cracks.
  • Learn quick and easy techniques to get through your e-mail fast!
  • Have a clear plan for how you can make your system e-mail obey you.

Luxcentric has also created clear and easy to follow guide sheets to make it easier to act on the material when you are ready to dig into your e-mail.

Learn more: www.luxcentric.com

Linda Deppa

Organizing in Life

Linda Deppa, owner of Uncluttered Professional Organizing and Photo Organizing, is one of eight Certified Professional Organizers in the State of Washington. She is dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses bring order and calm to their hectic lives and work areas. Linda is the current President of the Seattle Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Linda has been passionate about organizing her entire life, and has used her impressive skills throughout her career: as an office manager, consultant, and project coordinator.

She has over two decades worth of experience coordinating, organizing, and managing a variety of projects of different types and sizes. Linda views each project as a new and challenging opportunity and her enthusiasm in seeing a project successfully completed is contagious!

Learn more: www.unclutterednw.com

Dr. Morgan Oaks

Creating Your Maximum Impact
Keys to Ultimate Clarity, Courageous Living and Inspired Action

Dr. Morgan Oaks is a transformational keynote speaker, High Performance Coach, and chiropractor whose passion is empowering people in every facet of their life. 

Dr. Morgan’s gift is inspiring audiences and clients to develop and trust their intuition, integrate their life wisdom, and to cultivate the courage to take inspired action. 

His goal today is to take you from where you are, to where your body, mind, and soul are wanting you to be!

Learn more: www.drmorganoaks.com 

Hannah Pelley

Get the Clients You Want by Applying ONE Proven Time Management Strategy

Learn how the most successful business professionals focus their time and how to apply 6 simple steps immediately to get more clients. You’ll leave with a customized plan for your business.

Session Overview:

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed with everything that you have to do in order to keep your business thriving?
  • Does it feel like you are constantly reacting versus being proactive? (and still not really getting anything important done)
  • Do you wish you knew how to manage your time so that you are actually achieving your goals and getting more clients? (and consistently)

Hannah Pelley is the Founder of Solutions for Impact, LLC and is a global Business Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Hannah’s clients hire her to coach them on how stand out amongst others in the business world. They receive more raises, promotions, recognition and opportunities. She is an industry recognized thought leader globally and proven expert in creating and implementing strategies that maximize business and individual performance. She has 18 years of award-winning real world experience leading executives at Fortune 100 companies. Her impact spans 20,000 professionals in 35+ countries from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Learn more: www.SolutionsForImpact.com


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