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Heather Pybas with USborne Books and More

Books Build Futures

Usborne Books & More has been an established publishing company for more than 25 years. The books are wonderful for ages infant to high school and have a wide variety of subject matter ranging from toddler touchy feely books to encyclopedias; there is something for everyone. Usborne has its own creative department within the London offices so the majority of the books are thought of and created there. Over 75% of the books are $9.99 or less. 

Heather has been a consultant with Usborne Books & More for 3.5 years. She started in 2013 when her son was 3 months old after attending a party and spending way too much money on what would be the start of an amazing library. She was drawn in by the colorful illustrations on each page that captured the story. Having grown up with books being the main source of her childhood learning, she knew that this was her calling. She set a goal to become a team leader within a year and made that goal in 2015. The next goal that she has set for herself is to make Usborne Books her full time job. She wants to be able to take her son to school and pick him up every day. Be able to volunteer in his classrooms and be a part of the PTA. This is her Dream Big goal and she will not stop promoting literacy until it’s a reality.

Heather specializes in promoting literacy through having home shows, Facebook shows, book fairs at schools and businesses, and fundraising. She has a few fundraisers a year to benefit local charities and quarterly book fairs at Seattle Children’s Hospital. It’s a passion to bring these books to as many families as possible for Heather. Books are what sparks the imagination and what allows us to Dream Big for our futures. 

Heather would love to bring the joy of reading to your family, school, or business. Usborne Books offers pretty awesome hostess rewards earning free books.  

If you are looking for a fundraiser she would love to chat with you about the Cards for a Cause program that is also available. 

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