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Escape Scene - Deadwood Escape

  • Sat, June 02, 2018
  • 4:45 PM - 8:45 PM
  • 1313 Hewitt Ave Everett, WA
  • 7




We have a new member in our group who runs an escape room in Everett. We got some great feedback at a meeting and we decided to put together an Adventure Outing for the group. This will be open to only members who have paid their dues (H2H Members) as there is limited space available. If we have more than 8 people interested, we can open up another room but it will likely be a different scenario. 

Cost: $30 per person
(Includes tax, cc processing fee, and group discount)

Please be ON TIME for this event as we all need to get instructions and start the room together. We will NOT wait for late arrivals. After we escape, we will head to a nearby restaurant for dinner. The place with the most votes will be selected. 

Dinner options: Mazatlan’s or Anthony’s Woodfire Grill


S.I.A. BRIEF: Mission I
Location: Deadwood, SD
Time: AUGUST 7, 1876

Mission: Recover the first fragment of an alien technology that enables time travel. It is critical to recover this fragment, from Sheriff Al Havoc’s office in Deadwood, before he can unite it with the other two and use it to conquer humanity.

Overview: You are a Space-time Investigation Agency Special Agent. This is the first mission in a series of missions to defeat former SIA employee Alastor Havoc. Alastor has traveled to different eras and created different identities in an effort to reconstruct his father’s time travel device. You are attempting to foil his plot to avenge his alien father and take over the planet.

To do this you will travel through time to the era of the Black Hills gold rush, shortly after the death of Wild Bill Hickok. You will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of a by-gone era. Nothing can be taken for granted. Everything in the environment may be a clue…or maybe not. Find secret files, unlock secrets and utilize what you find to unlock the combination that will lead to a successful mission!

About the S.I.A.

Although most people still do not know this, first contact was made with alien life in 1988. In the fall of that year an advanced, alien scientist traveled to Earth and assimilated himself into our culture. His ultimate goal was to dominate humanity. To accomplish this he intended to travel to a time period when people were less advanced, allowing him to use modern technology to rule the world. Before coming to Earth he had created a device, constructed from an alien alloy, which enabled him to travel into the past, but he needed to learn more about human history to find the perfect era to enact his plan.

As part of his immersion into our culture he befriended two humans. Several years passed and he allowed himself to become truly connected to these two people, and wished to have them join him in his plot. He shared his plan with them; but he had underestimated their need to protect their species. A fight ensued, which ended in the destruction of the time-travel device, and the unfortunate death of the alien.

When the device was destroyed it split into three pieces that were scattered across time. One of the humans, Cyril Warren Booth, realized the need to retrieve these pieces to prevent them from falling into the hands of others who would use them for evil. He used the alien’s research to invent an alternate form of time travel capability and founded the Space-time Investigation Agency.

Today, we strive to honor our legacy and carry out our prime mission to explore the mysteries of the space-time continuum while defending the human race from those who would abuse time for their own gain.


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