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I love helping women feel beautiful and look beautiful! I represent a women's clothing brand called cabi. Cabi is an on-trend clothing company from Los Angeles that is known for designer details and women love the comfort and style of our pieces! My clients' wardrobes pair back beautifully together from season to season and they truly love ALL the pieces in their closets! Their cabi pieces turn into their go-to pieces. Having a stylist makes all the difference, and you can see the Fashion Show through our virtual platform as well as in person home fashion experiences.

I also provide Personal Styling services which include Wardrobe Audits (help to toss, keep or consider what's in your wardrobe), Style Consultations (let's shop your closet) and Personal Shopping Appointments (at the store of your choice). Want more info check out my website for all the links.
What are you looking to get out of this group?
I am looking to make new connections in the north end of the Puget Sound to expand my network for friendship and business connections.
What is the best piece of advice someone gave you?
Focus on what you can do today. Don't worry about tomorrow.


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