Published April 2017

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Eileen Paul | The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef LTD has been the business that changed Eileen’s life. On January 4th 1998, Eileen joined the Pampered Chef to bridge a gap in finances. Twenty-two years later, it is still changing lives, including hers.

Eileen has been a consultant consistently over all these years having almost 2,100 shows – live and on-line. She has been bringing real solutions to family mealtime. As a dietitian, her expertise goes beyond the tools to the nutrition.  The emphasis from The Pampered Chef is to meet the needs of the population.  Currently on trend are fresh, healthy and fast foods, at home as family meals. The new mission statement for 2017 is “Making Memories One Meal at a Time”. Eating in community is important and at The Pampered Chef it is embraced. Bringing people together to enjoy each other and great food is key.

Working as a Registered Dietitian and going through a budget cut, Eileen was looking for a short-time fix to a need for income. Both boys were at home. Jared 15 in high school and playing basketball – eating them out of house and home. Justin 20 was working but still finding his way and relying on mom and dad for help. Her husband Ben is self-employed and had decided to dabble in art. ANYWAY, the gap needed to be bridged. She loved with process of cooking shows, and eventually the addition of computers to the business changed things even more. Now virtual shows are a popular option.

Using Pampered Chef cooking tools can speed the process of food preparation and make the clean-up easier and faster. Many of the cooking techniques use the microwave for faster food prep. Tools are designed to be used in multiple ways. The Rockcrok line has six different shapes.  These go from the Stovetop to oven, microwave, broiler, grill, and dishwasher. Pick a shape to start your experience and come back for more.

Almost all the Pampered Chef tools go into the dishwasher. When the clean-up is easier the cooking is less of a burden.

Another great part of the Pampered Chef line is the Pantry. Most people under season their food. Eileen offers seasoning suggestions for using multiple pantry rubs and seasoning for the best taste with the least additives. The freeze-dried herbs retain flavor and have little or no salt or sugar added. The flavored oils and vinegar add to the great flavors in marinades, salad dressings and slow cooker meals.

Eileen would love to give you a quick simple recipe to try using the Rockcrok Dutch Oven or Stoneware Deep Covered Baker.

Chicken Bruschetta Pasta
1 lb box of regular spaghetti – whole wheat or white
1- 32 oz box of Chicken Broth – sodium reduced
lots of fresh Basil
3-4 cloves Garlic
1/3 cup of Olive oil
3-4 over ripe Plum Tomatoes
3-4 Chicken breasts, seasoned and grilled in Grill Pan (sprinkled with Pampered Chef Italian Seasoning, rest 5 minutes and cut bite size pieces)
Parmesan Cheese

Break spaghetti in half and add to the Deep Covered Baker or Rockcrok Dutch Oven.
Pour chicken broth over spaghetti.
Place lid on and microwave for 8 minutes.
Stir noodles then put the cover back on and microwave for 8 more minutes.

Fresh Tomato Garlic Sauce:
Cut tomatoes in pieces, place in the Manual Food Processor and pump it up.
Slice garlic using the Garlic Slicer or use the Garlic Press, add to the Manual Food Processor and pump it up.
Place the basil in a prep bowl and use the Professional Shears - cut it into small pieces.
Add the cut basil and 1/3 cup of olive oil to the Manual Food Processor continue to pump it up until mixed well.

Grate the Parmesan Cheese using the Microplane Adjustable Fine Grater.

Stir in the fresh tomato garlic sauce and Grilled Chicken cut bite size with the cooked pasta and top with grated Parmesan cheese.


You may be interested in some great Pampered Chef tools for your kitchen and having Eileen come cook to show off the product line. Hosts do get Free and Discounted products. Connect with Eileen to schedule you live or online show at 206-779-8524. Pick a theme and have some fun!

So now that Eileen has retired from her “other” job, she is focused on helping even more people love cooking again.  Subscribe to Eileen’s newsletter for tips and recipes. Visit her website at www.pamperedchef.biz/eileenpaul and contact her for more information.


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