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Molly Klipp with Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup

About Molly:
My journey into the beauty industry started when I was 26 years old and a young mom of 2.  I was bored, needed something to do and was invited to an Aloette Cosmetics Home Party.  I was hooked.  I had never sold anything in my life, but this intrigued me and as I said to my mentor, “Tell me what to say, when to say it and how to say it and I’m in!”  That is how I live my life!  I am teachable, I am a learner and I want to be the BEST in whatever I do.

In 1985 my husband and I moved to Seattle and purchased the franchise for Aloette of Seattle.  For 30 years I worked with thousands of women, tens of thousands of clients, and developed some of the most successful leaders in all of Aloette. My franchise was one of the top 10 franchises for over 20 years. During this time, I developed training programs, trained at conferences and developed programs for new and experience consultants and managers.   I continued to invest in my personal growth through constant participation with leading teachers and trainers in marketing and sales throughout the country. I was honored to be one of the earliest winners of Aloette’s Eagle Award for my contributions to Aloette.

I have traveled the world with Aloette on trips that I earned and during that time raised 4 wonderful children.  They are all successful in their own lives, my two oldest are married and I have three grandsons (so much fun!) 

Two of my co-authored books. “Image Power” and “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” were on makeup tips and techniques and on how to run a business your family will love, respectively.   Balance in business and family has been the key for me.  I have been blessed to be married to the man of my dreams, John and we’ve partnered in all aspects of our life together.  We continue to work together in business and home life after being married for 39 years.

In January of 2014, looking for a new opportunity, I spread my wings once more after meeting Penny Rudy, Trainer Extraordinaire. Penny changed my life forever by teaching me the Softap Method of Permanent Makeup. (Softap is a natural, hand method of permanent makeup that is less invasive, quiet and gentle.)  My goal from that point on was to learn the skills necessary to build this new business quickly and have fun doing it!

Training by Daria Chuprys from Greece, on the microblading technique was amazing.  Will Anthony from Florida on smokey eyeliner gave me confidence and can’t wait to fly to Dallas in January of 2017 to learn more from Mary Richardson’s on microblading eyebrows.  Attendance at one to two conferences a year to learn from many other top trainers from SPCP (Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) has been a must.  I also participate in various continuing education classes to enhance my skills.  I do this in order to provide the most current techniques and products to my clients.  They deserve the best.

My specialties include Microstroke/Microblade Tattooed Eyebrows. This is a technique for applying tiny, fine, hairlike strokes using a hand tool that creates natural looking eyebrows.  This gives my clients back the eyebrows they had or had always wanted.  Eyebrow design includes measuring, taking photos, checking the movement of your brows and of course the color that will be best for you.  My 34 years in the makeup industry makes this fun and has wonderfully prepared me to provide the expertise in design and color that my clients are looking for.  This method has been done in the United States for under 10 years and only a few are truly trained in this method properly.

Unfortunately, because this method has become so popular, many technicians are wanting to offer this method without the proper training.  They are learning from the internet or from “trainers” who are selling their services without the proper background.  This is creating a significant number of people who are really not prepared to apply this method effectively. 

In the State of Washington there are no laws that require a permanent makeup artist to be trained. You can just take a Blood Pathogens online test, pay the State $250 and set yourself up as a permanent makeup artist.  I do a lot of corrective work from people that have little to no training.  I find the common thread besides bad technique is the pain level that people go thru.  Properly trained artists have little to no pain when applying eyebrows, eyeliner or lips.   I tell my people that are researching permanent makeup artists to check their certifications, how many procedures they have done, do they do this full time or as another service in their salon or spa, how often do they get training and, of course, the before and after pictures of their work.  Also, check reviews to see what other people are saying and how old are those reviews.

My other specialties include “Powder Fill” Eyebrows.  This is a technique of softap and is a soft, fully filled eyebrow.  This a great look for those wanting that effect or for those that have had this procedure done before and need a boost of color or corrective color added because your brows “turned color”. (blue, orange or red). This is a special process and I have been fully trained in color correction specifically for this purpose.

Please visit my website for other great services that I offer to enhance your beauty and simplify your life.

My husband John and I also added Tattoo Removal using Tattoo Vanish to expand our ability to serve my clientele.  John works on the body removal of the tattoos and I work on the face removing badly done eyebrows or eyeliner or lip lines. 

For my Heart to Heart sisters I offer you a $50 discount on any one procedure you would like done and $100 discount on any two procedures you would like done and a $200 discount if you want all 3 done!  Looking forward to having you in my chair so we can chat while I make you more beautiful and simplify your life!

Check out my website at www.carefree-beauty.com to see more photos and be sure to check my yelp reviews too!  Join my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/carefreebeauty and watch to see what is new and upcoming! You can call me at 425-280-9088 and schedule your free consultation!

Molly Klipp
Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup

You can call me at 425-280-9088 and schedule your free consultation!

WEBSITE: www.carefree-beauty.com 
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/carefreebeauty

Be sure to check my yelp reviews too! 

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