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Published May 2018

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Lucia Liepins | Local Childcare Consultant

My name is Lucia Liepins and I am your au pair childcare consultant. What is an au pair you may ask? Au pairs are young, adventurous people with some form of childcare experience who decide to travel to the US for a year on a special cultural exchange visa. They live with their host family and provide them with up to 45 hours/week of childcare in exchange for room and board and a small stipend.

Au pairs act like ambassadors of their home countries, experiencing life in America, improving their English and return home with wider and better understanding of the world, giving the same gift of cultural exchange and growth to their host children and family. I have the privilege of being there, supporting both parties on their journey.

I lived the au pair experience myself in two different countries. Now I am a parent of 2 and understand the need for childcare as well so I can relate to our program participants on both ends. Childcare in US is very expensive and the costs keep rising. Au pair childcare offers many parents with an affordable and very flexible option that comes with the cultural exchange benefit.

I am here to guide interested parents in learning more about hosting an au pair and prepare them for a successful experience. I also support a group of local families and their au pairs on ongoing basis, hosting events and meetings for my au pair group, providing support when needs and as needed.

Our program offers childcare across the nation and I can work with families living here, in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere else in the continental US. Our program keeps growing as is our need for more local consultants (like me). If my job sounds interesting to you, please ask me too! If you know of a family struggling to find childcare, or needs an affordable, flexible care and loves the idea of hosting a young international and wants to open the door of the world to their children, I am your person.

Lucia Liepins
Local Childcare Consultant

CALL/TEXT: 206-569-8480

EMAIL: lucia.liepins@lcc.culturalcare.com
WEBSITE: http://lliepins.aupairnews.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AuPairsOfSnohomishCountyWa



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