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Published December 2016

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Laura Morrison | Key Oils

Laura Morrison
Your Personal Wellness Navigator

Energy When You Need It,
Relaxation When You Want It

My Motto:
"Maintaining Good Health Can Be Delightfully Easy!"


My Story:  I had no idea a few "Precious Drops" from nature would bring about such a wonderful change in my life. These drops enabled me to go from "Low & Slow", after some life challenges, to then shift into a higher gear & get back on the road again. Lord knows, I explored many avenues 30 of my now 63years, all good, yet never quite enough. I ate beyond healthy, saw many natural practitioners & took various quality supplements. When I tried essential oils, I experienced unpleasant reactions (due to being perfume grade) or found them rather lame.

When a friend offered me Young Living, I reluctantly sampled some & found a considerable difference for the better! I believe it has to do with they are 23Yrs. the world leader in essential oils, own their own farms & offer the only promise of "Seed  to Seal"  excellence. Since then, I've had friends testify to the powerful difference of this "live from Nature" effect.  Recently, I've found the nutritional supplements to be tremendously helpful after experiencing yet another life challenge.

I'm featuring some favorites you'll find easy to include in your wellness regimen. My desire is to help you feel your best, no matter what life throws your way!

Ningxia Red, a liquid Nutritional Powerhouse! Energize & Fortify with 1 tasty shot-glass a day. Likely the Highest Antioxidant Super-fruit drink around!  A real value, it's less expensive & easier than trying to eat 10lb. of spinach or 80+ blueberries, approximate equivalent to 1 serving.

I have a new spring in my step from this! My 67 year old husband reports great eye support as well.


Be Refreshed, Renewed or Relax by Diffusing Essential Oils!

This makes me feel like I'm soaring above a Seattle style dark & dreary day!

1-Stop Wellness shopping products for you, your family &/or Pets:
  • Blended Roll-ons/oils + Children's Pre-Diluted Blends (Owie, Tummygize, etc.)
  • Bath & Body (Shampoos, Lotions, Toothpastes for adults & children)
  • Luxurious Facial Care (Frankincense, Sandalwood or Rose Oils are in some)
  • Pet Care (Special Blends for Skin, Calming, Training, Digestive, etc.)
  • Unique Nutritional (Ancient low gluten grain foods, on-the-go bars, Weight Management)
  • Pocket-Size Energy/brain booster (No added caffeine, sugar nor artificial ingredients) 
  • Full line of "Rocket boosted Supplements" for every use

My friend Insists her 70Yr old husband take Mindwise every day, a tasty Brain & Cardiovascular Support as it's making a big difference!

Gloriously Smelling & Powerful Thieves Oil & Product Line. A favorite Thieves Household CleanerSaves $$$ & space! Replaces up to 10 products. Non-Toxic plant based is child & pet safe.

Made cleaning my oven easy & it smelled like I was baking Snicker doodles!

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