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Kate Olson with Northern lights life coaching

In March 2015, I made a big leap of faith and changed my career and lifestyle to align with my heart and my passions. After many years in Sales & Marketing, I spent the month in Sedona, AZ training for my Life Coach Certification and learning NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming), Hypnotherapy, Reiki and other modalities to add to the behavior modification and cognitive techniques I learned decades earlier when I received a B.A. in Psychology from Western Washington University and pursued graduate coursework in Counseling at the University of Washington. My motivation for this career change was a desire to be more of service and use my personal gifts in a way that both benefited others and nurtured my soul.

It was a blessing that circumstances aligned as they did and I was guided to Sedona for my training. It is a very spiritual place and I felt a great deal of clarity. It seemed almost magical and I knew that I was pursuing my own Path, Purpose and a profound sense of Peace in this transformation. I was embarking on, not just a career, but a lifestyle & life philosophy. I returned to Sedona just two weeks ago for a workshop and some personal spiritual growth sessions. It was a self-nurturing and affirming experience.

While in Sedona for my training in 2015, I kept hearing about the extraordinary displays of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis we were seeing in Washington State. After doing some research, I learned that the Northern Lights are caused by a dramatic collision of fiery gases and an amazing transformation of matter. They have always fascinated and have long been known as a symbol for transformation and transition. Thus, they made an impact and became both the trade name for one of my business and the symbol for the niche that represents the work I am doing.

In June of 2015, I opened Total Wellness Resources, LLC dba Northern Lights Life Coaching and dba Salt Works Saltariums. Both businesses focus on mind, body, spirit wellness and take a holistic approach. I believe strongly in the uniqueness, worthiness and beauty of the human spirit. As a Coach, it is my mission to help my clients to see those qualities within themselves and to guide them on their journey toward inner wisdom, aiding them as they find their own Path, Purpose and Peace. Like the beauty and power in the transformation of the Northern Lights, it is amazing to see the human spirit transform and grow toward their truest and most cherished aspirations. It is truly a gift to witness. I feel blessed that this is what I get to do for my work and my life.

I work with clients one-on-one and also, do workshops and classes. My next big step will be a 6-month program that offers alternating bi-weekly individual sessions and group sessions for those wanting to make significant life changes or adjust to a new phrase or transition in their lives. The combined individual/group format is designed to provide a unique combination of support and personal focus, while keeping costs affordable. The use of NLP and Hypnotherapy allow surprisingly quick resolution and change in dealing with habits, beliefs or any learned behaviors. I am currently looking for some brave and motivated individuals for this program. I am offering some discounts and incentives to this first group. If you are ready, please contact me for more information.

I have some workshops coming up and you can find out more information or sign up on my website.

Heart to Heart Networking Members get a $25 discount off any workshop or service!
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I do a monthly gathering Vibrant Spirit “Living On Purpose” Tea Chats. These are designed for connection and conversation. The tea is amazing, the conversation stimulating and we have “tea hats”! Everyone brings a joke or funny story to share. Come join us and see where the conversation goes! I occasionally invite guests to speak on topics of interest. Those meetings will last a little longer. Please visit my website for more information or sign up

My website features a Guest Blog with posts on various topics relating to mind, body, spirit wellness. I post my own perspective, but also invite experts and interesting characters to add their insights for a bit of extra spice! You can sign up for the blog, read or add comments on my website. I will have a monthly newsletter starting by the end of the year. You can sign up to receive it, by filling out the contact form on my website or emailing me. 

There are also some very helpful videos on my website that give you a better idea about some of my offerings. 
I offer a complimentary 30-minute Life Coaching Discovery session to discuss your needs and goals and determine what might work best for you or answer any questions you might have. To schedule, please call 206-566-1615. 

Personally, I am always learning, changing and moving forward. I like to call myself a “Change Adventure Navigator”! I enjoy the adventure of navigating through my life and I enjoy helping my clients navigate through their own personal life adventures. I especially enjoy seeing people achieve the dreams they thought they never would! 

I mentioned my focus on integration of mind, body, spirit wellness. I personally had chronic sinus problems all my life. I suffered with serious sinus infections, headaches and related symptoms. I was sick for ten months in 2010. I tried everything to no avail and ruined my gut with antibiotics. I was truly at a desperate point when I read about Salt Therapy in 2013. It sounded interesting and in 2014, I visited a newly opened salt room in Bellevue, WA. I tried the salt therapy for seven 60-minute sessions scheduled one day apart. It worked brilliantly! It cleared my sinuses and related symptoms. I could breathe! I felt alive and had energy again! Salt Therapy also has wonderful healing benefits for the skin. I looked into opening a salt room, but after researching space and other costs, I was torn.

I loved the salt therapy and wanted to provide that service, but was more committed to my life coaching and that was where my heart was. I discovered some very cool self-contained units for salt therapy. The units provide the salt therapy in a more concentrated form and shorter time. This was very exciting! I place my saltariums at health-related businesses and offer this great natural solution in partnership with those businesses, while still focusing on my life coaching. New locations for the saltariums are coming soon. Please see website for updates!

My personal passions are travel, music and creative pursuits of all types! I make it a point to enjoy my life and I have been busy pursuing my “someday list”! I am living my best life day by day and life is good! I feel very blessed and grateful! Below are a few of my most recent adventures. I’d love to tell you more about them and hear about your life and your adventures! A few things most people don’t know about me: 
  • I deal a mean game of blackjack and can tell you the odds on every hand
  • I once got a hole-in-one playing golf (which I play badly) 
  • I have a pin and a plate in my left ankle and 4 large screws in my left elbow, which limit the movement of my left arm somewhat. 

Kate Olson, CPC, CHT
Total Wellness Resources, LLC

Dba Northern Lights Life Coaching, dba Salt Works Saltariums

CALL: 206-566-1615
EMAIL: kate.nlcoach@gmail.com 
WEBSITE: www.northernlightscoaching.net, www.saltworkssaltariums.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Kate.northernlightscoach, www.facebook.com/Saltworks02
TWITTER: @KONorthernlites

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