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Published June 2018

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Barbara Kindness | LimitLess Worldwide

I moved to Edmonds, WA in 1973. Yes, I’m sure that was way before many of you were even born! After a brief assignment  in the Foreign Service in Washington, D.C., it became clear that the U. S. Information Agency had over-recruited for overseas jobs so I switched to Domestic Service to work as a writer, editor and the Copy Editor of America Illustrated, a magazine distributed in the Soviet Union and Poland.  That was the beginning of a career that continues to this day as a ghost writer and editor. My penchant for accuracy has also brought several writing, copy editing and proofreading jobs, most notably at Microsoft, Microsoft Network, and freelancing for a local independent book publisher. A highlight of my writing career was working with the late Chuck Randall, the wonderful basketball coach of Western Washington University, on his memoir, My Impossible Dream. He and Doris are two of my favorite people.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered a desire to work with seniors and in the healthcare field, so  being basically a “people” person, I began working as marketing and community relations director at several retirement communities, and after that starting my own placement service.  This interest spilled over into volunteerism where I served as president of the South Snohomish Unit of the American Cancer Society, Stevens Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Seattle, and Rotary (where I was inducted as the first woman in Edmonds Rotary).  I currently serve as a Deacon at my church, chairing the Scholarship Committee and collecting men’s socks for Operation Nightwatch. I’m also an Ambassador for the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce and belong to a couple of networking groups. I really enjoy the warm, supportive atmosphere of Heart to Heart.

In 1980, I had the good fortune to meet a 15-year-old figure skater who was an Olympic hopeful. She had just won the World Junior Ladies’ Figure-Skating Championship in Megève, France.  Rosalynn Sumners and her coach, Lorraine Borman, had their eye on the 1984 Olympics so four long years of training and competition lay ahead.

I was asked to be her media liaison as the press was intrigued by this virtual unknown from virtually unknown Edmonds, Washington. I wrote an article for TEEN magazine to let the nation know about our shining star. Rosalynn didn’t disappoint as she won the national title for Senior Ladies in 1982, 1983, and 1984 and became World Champion in 1983 in Helsinki.  By now the press was ever-present so I was able to host writers, reporters, producers and cameramen from HBO, KDKA-Pittsburgh, ABC Wide World of Sports, Muppet Magazine, People, TIME, Seventeen and, of course, all of our local media.  

I decided Rosalynn should be remembered forever so I organized a huge parade in Edmonds, attended by the Governor and several mayors, and went before City Council to pitch for having our 5th Avenue in downtown Edmonds given the honorary title, Rosalynn Sumners Boulevard. The signs are still up today --  35 years later! My career suddenly had added a new dimension: public relations. So, today, I have added Publicist to my job titles.

Since music and theater have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, I still enjoy that as part of my weekly activity. As a member of the Sno-King Community Chorale for 18 years, I have had the joy of learning all kinds of music and sharing it with our local community. Three trips to Carnegie Hall and performing at the Vatican have been icing on the cake.

One of the nicest aspects of freelance writing and editing is the joy of seeing others’ words emerge from their heads and onto the written page.  But one of the most frustrating aspects is the apparent lack of funds these authors have for their projects. So, at present, I am pursuing assignments in the B2B online world as well. I enjoy writing marketing copy, doing press releases and media kits for authors. I also have clients who are advertising executives and business leadership trainers for upper management for whom I seek projects nationwide.

Finally, I have great admiration for those who have been successful in network marketing so for the past 20 years or so, I have worked with several companies whose products I can promote without reservation. Limitless Worldwide, a nutritional supplement company, has excellent products, especially its antecedent Hgh. I love to give out free samples because everyone who tries it gets great results – from smoother skin, to better sleep, to weight loss.

One of my latest ventures though is Elepreneur, whose Elevacity products, such as Elevate Coffee and Choclovate, taken with our Xanthomax antioxidant capsule, are having amazing results among virtually everyone, almost immediately. This means feeling happy, having better mental clarity, curbing fatigue and appetite, reducing stress…I could go on. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins, spell the Daily DOSE of happy chemicals!  Call me for free samples!

But the thing that excites me the most about this company is that it is a relationship marketing company that is publicly traded, so the CEO is not in the compensation plan, allowing more profits to be earned by us distributors. Our team is growing so rapidly that I encourage anyone to ask me how to join in!  Our parent company is Sharing Services, with a business model patterned after Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. What a great success story that is! I never try to interfere in anyone else’s business; I just know that having a second source of income is pretty nice.

All I can say is, I wake up each morning looking forward to each day. Despite occasional scary moments when a client hasn’t paid me or – as has occurred a couple of times – passed away before they could settle their payments, I have an abiding positive outlook on life.

My best accomplishments?  Two fabulous daughters: one, the mother of five talented, creative, thoughtful, spiritual children; the other, a Commander in the United States Coast Guard.

Barbara Kindness

Limitless Worldwide Independent Distributor

CALL/TEXT: 206-473-9416

EMAIL:  barbkindness@gmail.com
WEBSITES: www.mylimitlessww.com/kindness ~ elevacity.com/beekind ~ elepreneur.com/beekind 
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/barbkindness


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