Originally Published December 2017

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Amanda Hopper with Rodan + Fields

About Amanda: Two years ago this month, I took a huge leap of faith and joined Rodan + Fields! A fantastic skin care line created by Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv. I had never sold anything before and frankly I was terrified but the opportunity sounded too great to pass up just because I was scared. As I look over my two years, I am in awe of where it has taken me, both professionally and the growth I’ve experienced personally.

Prior to joining Rodan + Fields, I was an elementary music teacher and worked in the Snohomish and Shoreline Districts teaching general music, beginning band and choir. I have a strong love of choral music and participate in that as much as I can. I was with the Seattle Choral Company for 11 years and had some amazing experiences with this choir. My love of music has taken me on some incredible adventures! I’ve had the privilege of singing with Josh Groban, under Marvin Hamlisch and traveling internationally. Now I am taking some time off from music to focus on my family and my thriving business.

My Story: In my early 30’s, as I was beginning my new career as a music teacher, I developed a chronic illness that changed my life. I had to go to working part-time and then later stopped working all together. Over the course of 10 years, I was trying to hang on to my life as I knew it with my body telling me it was time for a change. As I decided to end my teaching career, I became pregnant with my son. Although I was overjoyed at having him, I had no idea what my future held for me in terms of a career.

Shortly after having my son, I saw a friend posting on Facebook that she was going to convention for her business, Rodan + Fields. She looked like she was having a great time and so I got in touch with her. When I heard the details about the company, I was hooked. When I learned that there were no home parties and no inventory, and that I could work entirely from home, it was truly a dream come true. I dove in and never looked back. Now, I enjoy better health, time with my son, and the freedom to work completely around my schedule. And not to mention, a big discount on phenomenal skin care.

About Rodan + Fields: R+F skincare was created out of Katie Rodan and Kathy Field’s dermatology practice in the Bay Area. After years of treating teens with acne, their clients were getting older and had other problems cropping up in adulthood. The doctors noticed they were seeing the same concerns and developed this skin care line in the hopes of letting people treat these issues without going to a dermatologist. These common concerns were sensitivity and redness, acne, sun damage and discoloration, and of course, aging. They developed a regimen to address each issue – each containing four products that are designed to work together to give astounding results!

They first launched their new line in high-end department stores such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus in 2002. In 2007, the Reverse regimen was the number one selling brand at Nordstrom. However, they could see how times were changing with how consumers purchased so in an unprecedented move, they chose to move their products out of department stores and into direct sales in 2008. In that amazingly short time, we have become the #1 skincare brand in the United States across all price points and channels, and are now a billion dollar brand! We are a global company, currently available in the U.S., Canada and as of last month, Australia. There are plans to expand to a new country every year for at least the next five years!

In addition to our regimens, we have some wonderful add-ons. Lash Boost, a serum you put on nightly for 8 weeks to make you lashes look longer, darker and fuller, was featured in the New York Times this summer. Active Hydration Serum is our newest product and takes years off your skin by taking moisture from the air and self-adjusting to your skin. And our multi-function eye cream is one of our most in demand products. It’s not just customers who rave about our products, we have had hundreds of media impressions and our Soothe cleanser won the 2017 Best of Beauty award from Allure magazine.

Go to my website and take our Solutions Tool to see which regimen would be right for you. It’s like an appointment with our doctors. Have it emailed to me and I will send you a free mini-facial. Feel free to contact me either by phone or email for a free 15 minute skin consultation. 

All members of Heart to Heart will enjoy their choice of a free essentials product with their Preferred Customer order or having their Preferred Customer fee waived. 

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